Surf training

The Catalan coast is gaining more and more surf enthusiasts every day. Barcelona boasts several urban beaches, like Barceloneta, which attract local surfers, visitors, and those seeking to learn how to surf.

IEM Espai de Mar offers you the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and perfect your surfing skills, as well as participate in intensive sessions of activities related to surfing. 

We have monthly courses for all ages.


  • Theory/practice classes: the varying conditions of the environment necessitate understanding not only the practice of the sport but also the theory of how waves form, understanding sea forecast programs, safety when entering and exiting the water, among other aspects. 

  • We optimize your learning by organizing groups by similar ages and levels.

  • We adapt the session to meteorological condicitions: waves in the Mediterranean are not as constant compared to other locations, wich is why we adapt classes acording to the conditions dictated by the state of the sea. Paddleboard training, physical preparation on the sand o surf skate (using carvers, skateboarding cousins, thanks to their mobiles axles which simulate the effect of surfing on asphalt).

  • Learn to surf and everything necessary to navigate the waves independently. Understand the sea, currents, waves, admire, and above all, respect it, but also work on paddling techniques, standing up on the board, specific warm-ups and stretches before entering and exiting the water, etc.

  • Respect and understand other surfers and our environment. Practice this sport safely, both in its initiation and its improvement.

  • Enjoy and have fun riding your first waves in a dynamic and entertaining way.

22€ / class

68€* / pack 4 class

*Valid for 60 days after purchase.

You can choose a single class or courses of 1 or 2 days per week.

All sessions have a duration of 1.5 hours and it includes:

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To fin out about days and schedules, please contact our reception via email or by calling.

Howewer, if you want to do this sport by your oun, don’t forget that in our school we have equipment available for rent and enjoy with it.