Children and youth


Surf, Paddlesurf, Surfskate and beach voleyball

Imagine a vibrant world of activities designed to awaken smiles and foster the integral development of children and young people.

From exciting Surf and Paddle Surf classes to exploring the underwater world with an experience that piques curiosity and strengthens aquatic skills.

Surfskate is an exciting gateway to the world of surfing on solid ground. This type of skateboard mimics the feeling of surfing on waves, allowing children to develop balance and coordination skills in a more consistent, fun, and safe way.

Teamwork unfolds in the sand with Beach Volleyball, promoting team cooperation, fun, and friendly competition.

These extracurricular activities are approved for children and youth aged 8 to 17 years old.



  1. Physical development: : swimming, paddling, and other water sports promote coordination, strength, and physical endurance.
  2. Mental health: being close to the sea can have a calming effect and reduce stress. Additionally, outdoor activities stimulate the release of endorphins, improving mood
  3. Socialitzation: the activities we offer encourage teamwork and social interaction. Whether in surf classes, beach volleyball, communication and companionship are fostered.
  4. Fun and creativity: the activities offer a fun and creative environment. From traditional games to inventing games on the beach, there are endless possibilities for imagination and enjoyment.



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Surf, Paddlesurf and Surfskate

12,50€ / session

42€ / monthly pack

All sessions last 1 hour and include

Beach Voleyball

5,20€ / session

17,50€ / monthly pack

All sessions last 1 hour and include