Schools & Espai de Mar

At Espai de Mar, we want to offer you an educational sports proposal to bring the marine environment and the beach closer to educational centers through play and physical activity. We have a wide variety of possibilities to offer, adapting to each center.


  • Primary education (from 8 years old).
  • Secondary education.
  • Sport Courses and all kinds.


To date, we already organize different activities for educational centers both during school hours and non-school hours.

During school hours, we offer:

  • One-time sessions and/or outings: come for a different day or come for more than one day, either with the same group or different groups. It can be one sport only or a combination of several activities.
  • Didactic units: include this activity within the curricular program of physical education, whether for a month or a trimester, and thus come regularly to learn in depth any of our sports.

During non-school hours, in addition to extracurricular activities that we organize and that are included in the Barcelona City Council’s program, we organize activities for closed groups from schools or parent associations (AFA’s).


  1. Introduce water and beach sports to educational centers.

  2. Offer students the opportunity to enjoy the natural resources of our city.

  3. Improve the range of sports activities offered.

  4. Enrich the educational curriculum of children with bets outside the routine in a different environment than the center.

  5. Environmental awareness of our coastline.

  6. Encourage outdoor sports practice.

Contact us and we will organize together the proposal that best suits the tastes and needs of your educational center.