To continuation exposes the contractual document than regirà the contractació of products and services through the place web property of CLUB LLEURESPORT (from now on Club lleuresport)

The present conditions will have a period of indefinite validity and will be applicable to all the contractacions realised through the place web of CLUB LLEURESPORT realised for the delivery of the same in Spanish territory.

CLUB LLEURESPORT will save each agreement with inclusion of the data of the customer/user, the products purchased, shape of payment, place of delivery and the rest of the relative circumstances to the purchase of the products. In any event, the agreement will remit to the present General Conditions as a regulació of the obligations between the parts.

Likewise, it informs that the present conditions will be to the disposal of the users of the web permanently, easy and free in the address url:

CLUB LLEURESPORT reserves the right to modify unilaterally these Conditions, without that this can affect to the goods or promotions that were purchased previously to the modification.

The acceptance of the present document comports that the User:

a. It has read, understands and comprises the present General Conditions of Purchase.
b. That it is a person, physical or juridical, with sufficient capacity to hire and gathers the legal conditions to celebrate the agreement of compravenda carried out by means of this web.
c. That assumes all and cadascuna of the here established obligations, which go to regulate the present process of purchase.
d. That understands and accepts the norms of operation of the championship open surf of Barcelona realised in IEM Espai de Mar.


Of a band, the supplier of the goods or services hired by the User CLUB LLEURESPORT, G-60320132 and with social domicile in the C/ Blesa 27, 08004, BARCELONA, and of another.

The User, identified in the place web by means of the form of registration where facilitates his data, on which has full responsibility of use and custody, being responsible of the veracity of the personal data facilitated to the lender.


The present agreement has for object regulate the contractual relation of purchase sale of services been born between CLUB LLEURESPORT and the User immediately in which this accepts during the process of contractació online the corresponding box.

The contractual relation of compravenda comports the admissió in the participation of the And open surf of Barcelona by Club Lleuresportt that carried out in the IEM Espai de mar ,in exchange for a determinate price and publicly exposed through the place web.


The User, after the reading of the present general conditions and his acceptance, and facilitating the data that request in the form of registration will be able to realise the contractació of the service through the web

In any case, the verificació of the terms of the comanda will be only responsibility of the User and the process of purchase will not be able to initiate until the User have not remitted the confirmation of the terms of the comanda (from now on, Confirmation of Comanda).

It informs that in compliance with the demanded by the art. 27 of the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and of the Electronic Trade, the procedure of contractació will follow the following steps:


The Selection of products will be efectiva every time that the User press on the icons of purchase in which will be visible the word open surf masculine, open surf feminine, sub18 mixed, sub14 mixed or similar.

Will be able to hire an only selection of which are available.

In the same icon of purchase will be visible the economic summary of the offer.


And. In the screen of the browser will appear the form of corresponding registration where the user has to enter his data identificatives, data of contact and banking data. (The marked data with the symbol () will be of emplenament compulsory, in contrary case the User will not be able to pursue with the contractació of the service.)

II. The user will have to his disposal the document in which detail the instructions for use of the CLUB LLEURESPORT , privacy policies and use of the information, and rest of information of interest.

III. The user will have to read and know that formalise all the registration mean confirm that it has read and accepts the Norms of the test, as well as these conditions of sale of services and privacy policy and legal warning to continue.

IV. The user will have to clicar the icon with the word “accept” to confirm the purchase of the service.


And. To continue the User will have to clicar in the icon where appears the sentence “pay with card” or similar.

II. In the screen of the browser will appear the platform of corresponding payment to the payment with banking card, where the User will have to enter the data of the card. Likewise, the system will inform him of the amount to load in the card, date and hour.

III. The User will have to clicar in the icon with the word “accept” or similar, after the that the system will give him warning that is connecting with the server of autenticació of the virtual TPV.

IV. After the connection with the server, in the screen of the browser will appear the platform of payment of the corresponding bank, where will ask him to the User the rest of the data related with his card, necessary to complete the abonament of the service for this means.

V. Once facilitated these data, the user will have to clicar in the icon with the word “continue” or similar.

VI. The User will visualise a message in the screen where will confirm the result of the purchase and the code of authorisation of the operation of payment.

VII. The user will receive an email with the confirmation of the registration and one number of reservation.

PRICE OF The Conformal

OFFER to the established in the article 60 of the ROYAL LEGISLATIVE DECREE 1/2007, of 16 of November, for which approves the text refós of the General Law for the Defence of the Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, in this place web informs of the complete final price IVA included, of each susceptible registration of contractació through this platform web.