• Waiting period: from November 24 to December 16
  • Includes: Participant Kit, 2-Day Lunch and Provisioning
  • Awards: For the best 3 of each category


The event will take place on a weekend in November or December. What does this mean? It means that during these two months, the championship will take place on a weekend when we have a forecast of good surf. On the relevant Tuesday before the championship, the organisation will put us on “orange alert”, notifying us that it is very likely that on that weekend the championship will go ahead. The following day, Wednesday of that same week, confirmation will be given as to whether the championship will take place on that weekend (“green alert”) or be postponed until further notice (“red alert”).

The championship will take place on Barceloneta beach, using the sports facilities of the IEM Espai de Mar municipal centre. A room will be made available where participants can leave their surfboards and gear, as well as changing rooms and showers. There will also be snack food available all day, as included in the “surfers pack” for Saturday and Sunday lunchtime, with various goodies provided by our main collaborators.


Enrolment costs 30 euros, which includes everything stated above, as well as some surprises that will be progressively unveiled via our social network sites.

Apart from this, don’t forget that you must be federated to take part. If you are not federated, the option is available to subscribe for 10 euros for federation throughout the weekend enabling you to participate.

Cartel Open Surf BCN


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Firstly, we confirm that this is a shortboard competition, for short boards only, and within this modality there are 3 different categories; Open, Under-18 and Under-14, all with both women’s and men’s categories.

  • In the women’s and men’s Open competition there will be a total of 64 places.
  • In the women and men’s Under-18 competition there will be a total of 16 places.
  • the women and men’s Under-14 competition there will be a total of 8 places.


Elimination rounds will last a minimum of 20 minutes.


Each championship participant will have to check-in between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m on Saturday morning.

Elimination rounds will start at 8:00 a.m in the morning and go on until 17.30 p.m in the afternoon, Saturday as well as Sunday, with a break of 90 minutes for lunch. However, we should indicate that times may change slightly depending on the surf forecast.


The first 3 in each category (women and men’s Open, Under-18 and Under-14) will receive a prize to be announced over the coming weeks.

Apart from this, we remember that to participate you have to be federated. If you are not, you have the option of federos paying 10 euros during the weekend and thus be able to participate.

1º Open Surf en Barcelona
Surf en Espai de Mar
Campeonato de Surf Barcelona


As stated, the event will take place on Barceloneta beach, at the central office of the IEM Espai de Mar facilities.

  • Address: PasseigMarítim, baixos, 5, 08003 Barcelona
  • Underground: L4, Barceloneta, Vila Olímpica
  • Bus: 36, 45, 59, 57, 157
  • Bicing